Sunday, October 20, 2019

October Updates

Hello MOscar Families!

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. I know that my family enjoyed the extra day of rest with all of the fall colds already being passed around. I just wanted to send a few updates from our classroom.

In reading, we are working on our character study. We have used character traits and feelings to help us make predictions on how we expect a character will react to events in the story. Then, we reflect on whether or not the character surprised us. We will continue to focus on making inferences and predictions based on characters through October and will start our work on inferring theme in November.

In math, we are in the middle of unit 2. The unit 1 test went home last week. Unit 2 is focusing on number stories involving adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We are using models to ensure we understand the information given in the problem and what we need to find out. We are going to do a fact check in this week focusing on x1, x2 and x0 facts. These are the facts that will be assessed for the first trimester report card. Students should be practicing these facts 4 nights a week. If your child has already mastered these facts, please move on to x3, x4 and x5!

In science, we are continuing our unit on living structures. The first half of the unit focuses on plants. We've learned about the role of seeds and where seeds are located on a plant. We are almost finished with an engineering challenge where students have certain constraints and success criteria related to a given seed dispersal method. Students needed to create a model that can imitate one seed dispersal method. For example, one group needed to create a model that would allow a seed to glide the distance of one meter. Another group needed to create a model that would allow a seed to float for 4 minutes. We will share our final products with Mr. Jacobs' class this week!

In social studies, we are still working on maps. We are identifying our place in space- Town of Colchester, State of Vermont, County of the United States of America, Continent of North America, Planet Earth. We will compare the maps of our places with other places. We will answer questions like, "Why does Colchester have a border that is wavy, but Essex has all straight borders?"

In writing, we started our narrative writing unit now that we've established our writing workshop routines and built writing stamina. We learned about the plot of a story and how we can make the plot of our stories more interesting. We will add more to these stories in our revision process while we meet with our writing partners.

A letter went home last week to invite families to join our SeeSaw class! You can create your own account on SeeSaw and follow your child's weekly reflections. We already have a lot of work completed on SeeSaw and would love to start receiving comments from family members!

Finally, Mrs. Fischer will start working with me on Wednesday this week. We are hoping to have a few days with both of us in the classroom as Mrs. Fischer learns our routines. However, I will say that our class has many helpers and assistant teachers as I like to call them! Mrs. Fischer will have no problem receiving help from students to understand our class expectations and routines!

You will hear from me when Baby Marlow arrives! Thank you again for all of your support in our classroom. We have such a wonderful class of third graders and I know they will take good care of Mrs. Fischer while I'm gone!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

October Already?!

Hello MOscar families and friends!

I can't believe that this week starts October! It does feel like fall is in the air on this beautiful weekend.

First, I want to thank all of you that were able to make it to Open House on Thursday. It was a great opportunity to see all of you and share some of the hard work we've been doing in third grade. I also hope you were able to see how independent your third grader is at MBS!

This week, we will start working on our character study unit in reading. This will tie in nicely with our writing unit on narratives (stories). In science, we are still working on our living structures unit while also collecting and analyzing weather data as part of a mini unit on weather and climate. We also started our social studies unit on mapping.

The permission slips for the Mazza's pumpkin patch field trip were due on Friday. If you have not returned that, I sent a second slip home on Friday. Please return that as soon as possible. I will be checking volunteer forms early this week in case any parent chaperones are not on our approved volunteer list yet. We head to Mazza's on Friday, October 11 at 9:00 am!

If you have not done so, please read the e-mail I sent regarding homework. I sent the first homework sheet home on Friday and it is due this Friday morning. I like to give students the weekend to get started because I know how busy week nights are for families!

I want to let you know that we are starting the hiring process for my long term substitute. I will let you know as soon as I can who the person will be that will teach in our classroom while I'm on maternity leave.

A reminder that there is NO SCHOOL on Thursday, October 17 and Friday, October 18. Please ensure you have those dates on your calendar!

We had a great time on our Harmony House field trip to Bayside on Friday!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Updates from the MOscars!

Hello MOscars families!

I can't believe we are going into the last full week of September already! We've had a great start to the year. We've been working on reviewing second grade skills in math, including telling time, addition and subtraction. We've also worked on telling time to the nearest minute, rounding to estimate and and introduced basic multiplication and division models. Many students love Math Menu as their favorite time of the day! In reading and writing, we are continuing to build our workshop routines including independent reading and writing practice time. In September, we focus on building our reading and writing stamina and identifying mentor texts. In science, we are working on our living structures unit. Last week, we realized that a fruit holds the seeds of a plant. We also compared and contrasted the different types of seeds we discovered in our fruit dissection.

This week was our first All School Celebration- Popsicles and Pals! We enjoyed popsicles outside with all of our third grade friends. Then, we took a whole school photo in the shape of the letters MBS. When I get a copy of the photo, I will share it with all of you! Friday was School Picture Day which was one of our favorite parts of the week.

Next week, we have Open House on Thursday, September 26 from 6:30-7:30. We hope to see you there so that we can share some of the work we've already done in the first month of school! Friday is our Harmony House trip to Bayside Park. We will walk to Bayside, play and enjoy lunch together. It is always a fun team building event!

Just a reminder that the Sam Mazza's field trip is Friday, October 11 at 9:30. We will leave school at 9:00. Please ensure that your child's permission slip is returned by this Friday, September 27th so that your child can attend the trip with us.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing all of you on Thursday night at Open House!

Friday, September 6, 2019

First Two Weeks!

Dear 3rd Grade Families,

We are off to a great start this year! The children come in each day with enthusiasm and are
busy learning about their new classroom, their new classmates and the routines in our day.

In addition to getting to know each other, we have spent a lot of time exploring different
areas of the room, as well as the school. This means remembering and practicing
safe ways to play on the playground, and appropriate behavior for the bus, cafeteria and halls. 
The goal is that everyone has a good time and is safe. In the classroom we learned about the
organization of the room and the best ways to use its materials. 

In the weeks to come we will settle into our normal routines, including Math and Reading
Workshop, as well as our first science unit on living structures. I gave out Hopes and Dreams
for parents and will send home another if you need it. I am also encouraging the students to
start their 20 minutes of reading a night, as this will be an expectation for the rest of the school
year. Reading logs won’t go home until September 27th. 

Here are some other helpful things to share about the classroom:
  • My email is  I do not check my voicemail often,
so if it is time sensitive let the front office know.
  • Students should bring in a morning snack, or order a bag breakfast. 
  • Students may keep a water bottle in the classroom.
  • The black Home Communication folder should go to and from school every day.
Notes can go in the folder. I will check these every day.

 Thank you for your support. Please contact me if you have any questions!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Reflection on Our Year Together

Happy Summer! I hope that you've been enjoying the first few beautiful days of summer! I just wanted to share some quotes from our last day of school reflection. I am so thankful to all of you and your children for another wonderful third grade year. I wish you all a fun and restful summer vacation! Please be sure to stop in and visit when we get back to school!

What does it mean to be safe, respectful and responsible? To be safe it means don't run in the class room. To be respectful it means to listen to your teacher. To be responsible it means to not lose stuff that belongs to your teacher.

TO be safe it means you don't run down the hall, to be respectful is listen to your teacher and responsible means if a teacher says to line up then you do it.

What is one thing you would tell an incoming third grader about MBS?

People are nice, and kind.

One thing I would teach a new third grader about Mallets Bay School is its hard to know where every thing is at first.

One thing I would teach a third grader about MBS would be all the third grade teachers are really nice and it will be no trouble to make friends. 

What is the most important thing about third grade?

The most important thing about third grade is that you have fun.

The most importing thing I did in 3rd grad is being with my teacher Mrs. Marlow and learning math.

The most important thing I learned this year is learning the ecosystem and the plants!

The most important thing I learned is fractions because I didn't know it in the start of the year.

What is one way you changed this year?

I changed this year because didn't know how to write in cursive but now I know how to write in cursive.

I changed this year because when I first came in I was really bad at multiplication and now i'm really good at it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

End of Year Reminders!

Hello Mini Marlow families!

I just have a few reminders for you about upcoming events in these last few days of school! A blue letter went home last Friday listing the dates/times/expectations of all upcoming events. Students also filled out a calendar that they could keep at home so they could also keep track of the events we have coming up.

  • This Friday, June 7 is Field Days from 9:00-10:30. Please ensure your child wears comfortable clothes and sneakers, brings a towel and a water bottle and brings a change of clothes (they will get wet!!)
  • This Friday, June 7 white t-shirts are DUE to me. The t-shirt should fit your child and be pre-washed so it is ready to be tie-dyed on Monday!
  • Monday, June 10 is our tie-dye party
  • Tuesday, June 11 is Fly Up Day- students will meet their fourth grade teachers that day
  • Wednesday, June 12 is Bayside Day. We have been told that with current weather conditions, we will not likely be swimming on Wednesday as the beach won't open. I will keep you updated with a schedule for that day as soon as we have one.
  • Friday, June 14 is the Writer's Cafe and BBQ. Writer's Cafe starts at 11:00 and BBQ starts at 11:30!
  • Monday, June 17 is the last day of school with students being dismissed at 12:45
If I don't see you, have a great summer!! It has been a pleasure spending the year with your child and your families! Please stop in for a quick "see you later!" if you have time in the coming week!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

S.S. Unit: Citizens in Action

Hello Mini Marlow Families!
We started our community unit- our last Social Studies unit of third grade if you can believe it! We are learning about what it means to be a member of a community, what our responsibilities are as community members (citizens) and some specific information about our Colchester community. Topics covered include voting, government services, how our economy works and the roles and responsibilities of community members. We love to have parents come in and teach about their specific job or role in the community, and the kids will try to determine if you provide a good or service for our community and whether that good or service is funded publicly or privately.

We will start parent presentations on Tuesday, May 21 and are flexible with the time. I would LOVE to have you, so please e-mail me at if you would be willing to visit us! Thank you for your continued support in our classroom!